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Preface of the Culture Course Volume - II Book.

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Some important prayers about Gods and other.

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Seeta's marriage

The Target

Janka was the king of Mithila.  He was a very wise king.  Sumedha was his queen.Once hanaka ploughed his field for a yaga.

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You have read about the Pandavas and kauravas.  They were cousins.  Dronacharys was their common Guru.

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Once there lived an old woman in a forest.  she served the rishis there.  She had a young son.  The old woman taught her son: " Serve the irshis after I am no more".

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Hiranyakashipu was an Asura King. he was a mighty ruler but evil-minded.  He hated god. Prahlad was his young son.

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Brahma, Vishnu and Siva are the three great gods.  Rishis Atri was the son of Brahma.   One day Brahma asked Atri to create a new world.

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Rishi Vasishtha, was a son of Brahma.  He was learned in the sastras.  Brahma said to him one day, "Son, will you become the family priest of kings? you can become rich!"

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The Buddha

Grandma Avvai ws a ppoetess of Tamil Nadu.  She lived long, long  ago.  She was learned and wise.  people came to her for advice on many things. Kings waited on her for her blessings.

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Prince siddhratha Gautama was born two thousand five hundred years ago. His father was King Suddodana. 


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There was once a village boy called Chandragupta.  His father had died and his mother Mura was poor.  She had no mney either to feed him or send hime to school.

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Asoka was a great King of India.  He was the grndson of Chandragupta.  He,  too, was a great warrior. He was also a learned man.

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There are many holy places in our country.  kasi is the foremost among them. It is in the north of India.  Another name for Kasi Is Varanasi.

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In the last lesson you read about the hole place of Varanasi in the north. Here you will read about another holy place, Rameswaram.

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Badarinath - Kedarnath


Badarinath is holy place on the Himalaya.  There we have the temple of God Badari Narayana. There in kedarnath is the temple of God Siva.

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Just take a map of India and look for the town of Ujjain on it.  It is almost at the centere of our country.  It was the capital of India a long time ago.

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Which festival do you enjoy most?  Many people would say Deepavali.On that day you get up early in the morning, bathe, wear new clthes and let off crackers.

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Dassara is one of our most important festivals.  There are many stories about it.  Rama killed Ravana on the day of Dassara.

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The Lion and the Rabbit

Have you heard of the Onam festival?  Perhaps some of you have.  We shall tell you something about Onam.  Mahabali was an Asura King.

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Bhasuraka was the lion-king of the forest.  Each day the animals of the forest sent him one   of themselves as food for the day.

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The Swan and  the Tortoise

Rana Sanga

A tortoise by nameKambugriva lived in a small lake. It had two swan friends.  Every day, the swans came to the lake and talked to the tortoise.

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Mewar was a small kingdom in Rajasthan in North India.  Chitor was its capital.  many famous kings and queens reuled over it.They were called Rajputs.

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Rana Pratap

Rana pratap was another great Rajput king.  he was Rana Sanga,s grandson.  He was as brave as his grandfather. Emperor Akbar ruled in Delhi at that time.

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