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Preface of the Culture Course Volume - III Book.


Some important prayers regarding Lord Ganesha and guru .


Rama Goes To Forest

Draupadi's Marriage

You have read of King Dasaratha of Ayodhya, his three queens and four sons. Dasaratha wanted to make his eldest son Rama the Crown-Prince.


In ancient India, there was a country called Panchala. King Drupada ruled over it. Once he perforemed a holy sacrifice.  As a result of it a young girl  as born to him.  




There were many great kings in ancient India.  Some of them were born in the Soorya Vamsa and others in Chandra Vamsa. Harischandra belonged to the former.


Agastya was a great rishi.  he was short stature.  His tapas, however, had power which no man could equal.  Lopamudra was his wife. She was a princess. Yet she married him because of his tapas. 




Very long ago, there was Brahmin called Kausika.  Once he became so ill that he could not walk.  His wife Sandili was a very dutiful woman.


Sankara is one of the greatest religious teachers of our coutry, and of the world. He taught us some great truths about God.




Kalidasa is one of India's greatest poets.  His most famous play is saakuntalam. He   wrote many other plays and poems, too.


Many great religious leaders hjave been born in our country. Of these Mahavira is one of the greatest. He lived nearly 2500 year ago.


Manikka Vachakar

The Narmada

Manika vachakar was a great saint of Tamil Nadu.  He was also a poet.  He was an ardent devotee of God Siva. His earlier name was Vaadavoorar.  


The Narmada is one of the great rivers of our country.  It flows through Gujarat and Central India.  This river starts in the centre of India and flows west. 




Puri is a famous city in the eastern part of our country.    here is the great temple of god Jagnnath there. You have read about God Krishna before. 


Kasi in the north of India and Kanyakumari in the south are the two most holy places in our country.  Have you seen a map India? The southern part is shaped like a mango.



Makara Sankranti

Holi is a popular and colourful festival.  It is great fun for the boys.  They light huge bonfires.  They spray coloured water or throw coloured powder on one another.


During six months of the year, the days are longer than the nights.  During the other six months, the nights are longer than the days.  Have you noticed this?



The Lion And The Fox

There is a city called Bethlehem, far away from India.  Long, long ago a carpenter called Joseph lived there.He had wife called Mary. 


There was a lion in a forest.  One day though it roamed all over the forest looking for food, it did not get any.  No animal came its way.  It was tired at the end of the day. 


The Dove And The Bird Catcher

Krishnadeva Raya

A big tree grew in a forest. It was full of leaves and fruits.    ny birds came to the tree toeat the fruits.  One day ahunter came ther to catch birds.


About five hundred years ago, a great king called Krishna- deva Raya ruled over the south of India.  His capital is Vijaya- nagar.  This is how the city came to be built.   


Raja Raja Chola

Have you seen a warship? Today's warships are very different from those of the old days. A thousand years ago, Indian kings fought battles on the high season board warships.


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