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Discourses On Gita By Acharya Vinoba Bhave 
Introduction : The Yoga Of Despondency The Teaching In Brief 
The Yoga Of Action Vikarma - The Key To karma - Yoga
The Two Aspects Of Akarma Controlling The Mind
Prapatti Or Surrender To God Achieving The Goal
The Kingly Art Of Service To Humanity Contemplation Of The Divine Glory
The Vision Of The Cosmic Form Bhakti : Saguna And Nirguna
The Self And Non Self The Gunas : Building Up And Breaking Down
The Yoga Of Completeness A Supplement
Another Supplement Conclusion
Major Sections
Discourses On Gita
At the heart of the Mahabharata

Dear Brothers,

1. From today, I shall speak to you about Srimad Bhagavad Gita. The bond between the Gita and me transcends reason. My heart and mind have both received more nourishment from the Gita than my body has from my mother's milk. Where the heart is touched, there is no room for argument. Leaving logic behind, I beat the twin wings of faith and practice and, to the best of my ability, fly up into the heavens of the Gita. 

I live and move in the atmosphere of the Gita. The Gita is my life's breath. To vary the image, I swim in the sea of the Gita when I speak of it; but when I am alone, I dive to the depths of this ocean of nectar and there rest at ease. It has been decided that I should tell you every Sunday the story of this Mother, the Gita.

2. The Gita has been set in the Mahabharata. Standing in the middle of the epic, the Gita is like an elevated lamp which throws its light on the whole of the Mahabharata. On one side of it, there are six parvas (chapters) and on the other, twelve. Similarly on one side there are seven divisions of the army, and on the other, eleven. In  between, the Gita is being taught.

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About The Yoga Of Despondency
Heart of the Mahabharata..Pg1
Heart of the Mahabharata..Pg2
Heart of the Mahabharata..Pg3
Arjuna's stand..Pg.1
Arjuna's stand..Pg.2
Arjuna's stand..Pg.3
Arjuna's stand..Pg.4
Arjuna's stand..Pg5
The purpose of the Gita..Pg.1
The purpose of the Gita..Pg.2
The purpose of the Gita..Pg.3
The purpose of the Gita..Pg.4
Who qualifies - the Pure of Heart

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