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Temples & Legends of Assam
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Temples & Legends Of India
Himachal Pradesh




The present Hatimura temple, at Silghat, in Nowgong district, was probably built on the ruins of an old stone ’temple in the Saka year 1667 (1745-46 A.D.) in the reign of King Pramatt Singh of the Ahom dynasty. It is a brick temple, which still exists although in a very dilapidated condition. The presiding deity of the temple is the Mahisamardini. The goddess is represented with slender waist, broad breasts, ten hands, and holding different weapons in each hand.

She is seen placing her right foot on the lion, and pressing the shoulder of the buffalodemon with her left. She pierces the tridentthrough the body of the demon, and has fastened his arm with a noose. To put her weight on the Asura, the goddess is slightly bent to the left. The lion is also represented attacking the demon. The whole composi- tion of the goddess is as given in the text.

The temple was one of the important centres of Saktism. in early Assam. At one time even human sacrifices were made at the altars of the temple. A big sword supposed to have been used for human sacrifices has been deposited in Assam Provincial Museum, Gauhati. 

Author - B.K.Barua & H.V.Sreenivasa Murthy


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Temples & Legends Of Assam

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