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How To Conduct Puja


Sri Ramachandra



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The scriptures tell us that in this modern age, the easiest path to the Godhead is through Bhakti Yoga, the Yoga of devotion.



Worshipping ought to be a personal experience. At the philosophical level, the object of worship is worship itself.



Life on earth is made possible largely due to an important and never-failing phenomenon the regular, periodic rising of the sun.



First and foremost begin with cleansing, i.e. clean the area where the altar is to be set up.


Altar Set-up

The Altar required when we want to conduct puja is described here.


Prayers To Mahaganapati

So that the ceremonies we are about to undertake proceed to completion without any obstacles, we contemplate on Mahaganapati


Shuddhi (Cleaning)

At this point someone familiar with the proper intonations of that powerful bhajan Brahmamuraarisuraarchitha lingam, could lead the assembled.



I salute Divaakara who shines like the hibiscus blossom, is descendent of sage Kaashyapa, of great splendor, and the destroyer of all sins.



Now we are ready to invoke the Sun God and offer Upachaaraas (reception with reverence).



Now stand up and do a pradakshina (circumambulation) turning three times in a circle to your right.



Now the Puja can be completed with an aarati. Om jayajagadeeshahare is recommended.


List Of Materials Needed

Picture of the Sun God Table, bench or box Two stainless steel or silver vessels Uddharana or metal spoon


Other Booklets In Puja Series

The important books regarding this puja series described here.


Talks And Published papers by The Author

The important Talks and published papers by the author described here.


The Author

Dr. Srinivasan was born in the village of Amruthur, Kunigal Taluk in the Karnataka State.



I want to thank my wife Kamla, and my brother Chi. A. V. Narasimhan of Bangalore for patiently reviewing the drafts and making valuable suggestions and comments.


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