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Hindu Books > Temples In States Of India > Temples And Legends Of Andhra Pradesh > Alampur

Alampur Temple : A freize depicting the Kiratarjuneeya story Page3

Mention may also be made of another group of shrines, associated with the name of Papanatha. They are situated in a beautiful grove on the Right Bank of the river Tungabhadra at a distance of about a mile to the south of the town.

The architecture of these temples is poor. Thetowers are square in plan andarranged in stories, which gradually decrease in dimensions as the tower rises.

The tops are crowned with Amalakas, massive circular coping stones, supporting a vase-like finial called the Amrita Kalasa. The temples have been built at different periods.

The principal temple, which is situated in the middle, consists of a pillared hall with three openings towards the east and west, and two cells towards the north and south The pillars are somewhat short and their carvings re not of high order.

Some of them represent religious episodes, while on two, inscriptions arefound. In theceiling the Navagraha and Siva dancing the Tandava have been shown.

A niche contains the figures of Mahishasura and the sanctuary is occupied by the linga. In the cells towards the south the seven Mothers (Saptamatrikas) are carved.

The Skandapurana describes Alampur elaborately and the Sthalapurana of the holy place is given in that purana in great detail covering nearly five chapters.

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