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Hindu Books > Culture Course > Culture Course Volume - IV > Vikramaditya

Vikramaditya Page3

Even the Gods became friends of King Vikramaditya. One day Indra, the King of the Gods, sent for Vikramaditya. Inheaven, there was a dance competition between Urvasi and Rambha. They were two of the best dancers of heaven. Indra said: "Vikra -maditya, you will be the judge of which of the two is the better dancer."

Vikramaditya gave Urvasi and Rambha each a bunch of flowers to hold while dancing.

He told them: "You must keep them erect while dancing." Vikramaditya had put a scorpion in each of the bunches. Has a scorpion ever stung you? It can be very painful.

When the ladies danced, the scorpions would sting them. Wouldn't they?

The scorpion stung Rambha viciously. She threw away the bunch, and stopped dancing.

But Urvasi danced so well that she lulled the scorpion into deep sleep in the bouquet. It did not sting her.

Vikramaditya cried in joy: "Well done, Urvasi! You are without question the better dancer."

Vikramaditya ruled long. He made a name for himself as a good and wise ruler.

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