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The Pious Cat

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Hindu Books > Culture Course > Culture Course - Vol - IV > The Pious Cat

The Pious Cat Page2

The hare said:"In wells, lakes and temples, there is no such thing as permanent living -place for anyone. Once a person leaves, any one else can occupy his place. If you don't believe me you may ask anyone else."

The sparrow suggested, "Let us go to a wise man and ask him if it is so." The hare agreed.

A cat was listening to their talk all the time. So, it put on the dress of a pious person. It wore the sacred ash, and beads on its body, and sat on a grass mat across their path. When it saw them coming it, closed its eyes, and started telling the beads.

The hare and the sparrow saw the pious cat.

Said the hare, "Why shouldn't we ask this cat? He seems to be a learned person."

The sparrow cautioned, "Is he not our common enemy"

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The Pious Cat
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