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The Golden Deer

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Hindu Books > Culture Course > Culture Course Volume - IV > The Golden Deer

The Golden Deer Page3

Unable to bear the pain,the deer called out in Rama's voice, "Ah Lakshmana! Ah,Sita!" and died.

This deer was really a Rakshasa whose name was Mareecha. He was the uncle of the Rakshasa King, Ravana.

On hearing the appeal for help from Rama. Sita thought that Rama was in danger. So she asked Lakshmana to run to Rama's rescue.

But Lakshmana tried to set her fears at rest. "Rama can never be in danger. They cry may be a trick to lure me from here. So please do not worry," said Lakshmana.

But Sita would not accept this. She cried. She even scolded Lakshmana. She also accused him of disloyalty. So Lakshmana unwillingly went off in the direction of the voice, leaving Sita alone.

Ravana, who was hiding near, entered the ashrama at once, and carried Sita away to Lanka.

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The Golden Deer
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