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Nachiketas The Courageous

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Hindu Books > Culture Course > Culture Course - Vol - VII > Nachiketas The Courageous

Nachiketas The Courageous Page3

When a guest arrives, it is the duty of the host to honour him without delay. Or he will be failing in Dharma.

So when Yama heard that Nachiketas had been waiting for him for three days, he became worried.

He hurried to Nachiketas and apologised to him for making him wait three days and offered to make amends. He said: "I offer you any three boons. Please ask."

Nachiketas asked as the first boon: "May my father’s anger subside and may he greet me affectionately when I return home from here!"

Yama said: "Granted."

As his second boon Nachiketas asked: "I understand that there is no death, old age, suffering or sorrow in heaven and one goes to heaven by performing a sacrifice. Will you teach me that sacrifice?"

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Nachiketas The Courageous

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