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Hindu Books > Culture Course > Culture Course - Vol - V > Ramzan-Id

Ramzan-Id Page1

SOME of you may have seen the Muslims in your locality praying together in a maidan on a particular day. This would be on a Muslim festival day, called Ramzan-ld.

Muslims are followers of the religion preached by the Prophet Mohammed.

Ramzan is the name of one of the twelve months of the Muslim year. It comes in October-November.

Ramzan is a holy month for Muslims. They fast during the day throughout that month. They do not even drink water. Pious, men among them spend the day time during the month in prayer andreading the Koran. They have their meal only at night.

Some of the Muslims spend thetwenty-first and twenty-second days of this month in mourning. It is in memory of Ali, the Prophet's son-in-law, who died inthe cause of their religion.

Author - Dharamsey M. Khatau

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