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Seeing God

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Hindu Books > Books By Rajaji > Bhagavad Gita > Seeing God

Dr.C.Rajagopalachari Page1

The eleventh chapter of the Gita records what may be termed a miracle. Arjuna is enabled to see God as the all-embracing Universal spirit before which the pairs of opposites, of good and evil, pleasure and pain, light and darkness, and the like, disappear. This vision of the Universal was too dazzling for Arjuna to see as a whole, and even what he saw was too awful for sight to bear.

Literally, Arjuna was given the divine eye to enable him to see the trans-dichotomous Viswaroopa, which transcends the Relative and the Partial. The meaning of this is that the aspiring soul may catch a glimpse of God, the Universal Immanent Being, when by a pure and dedicated life, and by the practice of serenity and constant meditation, the Yogi succeeds in merging his self in the Universe and realizes the ultimate oneness of all existence.

Author : Shri C. Raja Gopalachari

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Seeing God
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