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Advaita And Gita Discipline

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Hindu Books > Books By Rajaji > Bhagavad Gita > Advaita And Gita Discipline

Dr. C. Raja Gopala Chari Page2

This, real and thorough awakening of our being is called liberation, and the process is just the same whether it proceeds on this basis of waking up from an illusion, or is deemed a process of self-purification and liberation of the soul as a real and separate entity.
Sense-enjoyments and attachment thereto con- and add to the illusion. It is necessary to rid of them in order to dispel the Maya. The knowledge gained from the teacher, that God and Soul are one, but for ignorance born of Maya, may be an aid in the process of liberation or waking up, but that by itself is not enough. The need for personal effort to free oneself from passions and attachments diminishes as one approaches the goal of true enlightenment, and diminishes in the measure of our progress towards it.

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Advaita And Gita Discipline
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