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Hindu Books > Books By Rajaji > Hinduism Doctrine And Way Of Life > Conclusion

Dr.C.Rajagopalachari Page1

This Exposition of Hinduism is intended for the lay reader, for the reader who either does not belong to India or who, though born in India, has not sufficient scholarship or time to go to the source-books and study them. In places it may seem as if we strayed into irrelevant hypo thesis and mysticism.

Even if we are interested in nothing but social welfare, we should remember that conscience must be rooted deeply in life itself so that it may shape our innermost thoughts and automatically produce right conduct. Right conduct cannot float in the air, but requires a conviction and faith to support it. It may in some cases seem so to be able to float-but it is really supported by tradition and family upbringing.

It is really the momentum of the past that creates the illusion of spontaneous motion. We may delude ourselves into thinking that it can thus go on for ever unsupported by any creed   or faith, but after the momentum is exhausted we shall find that without a fresh motive rooted in living faith, the obligation of right conduct peters out. A spiritual foundation is necessary for right conduct.

Author : Shri C. Raja Gopalachari

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