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The Doctrine of Surrender and Grace

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Hindu Books > Books By Rajaji > Ramayana > The Doctrine of Surrender and Grace

Ramayana Page1

IN response to Raama's invitation, Hanumaan expressed his opinion in clear, sweet and pregnant words:

"Why should you ask for our advice? Not even Brihaspati as anything to tell you that you do not already know. If it is dangerous to admit Vibheeshana, how is the danger met by delay and trial? Where is the time or opportunity for a test? More over, Vibbeeshana has not approached us stealthily.

He has come to us with frank openness and a clear object. What is there for scouts to discover about him? It has been said by some that his sudden advent is suspicious. But why? What wonder is there if Vibheeshana became disgusted with Raavana and foresaw his certain disgrace and a defeat? What wonder is there if he recognised your heroic virtues and nobility and the certainty of your victory?

"To me the time and manner of his coming give no room for suspicion. It has been suggested that before admitting him our leaders should put him questions and examine his answers. But one who knows that he is suspected would cease to speak or behave naturally. He would be afraid that we are out to find only faults in him. And thus his real nature will not be revealed.

Author - C.Raja Gopalachari

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The Doctrine of Surrender and Grace
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