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Raavana's Defeat

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Hindu Books > Books By Rajaji > Ramayana > Raavana's Defeat

Ramayana Page1

RAAVANA from within his palace was surprised to hear, borne on the wind, the jubilant acclamations of the Vaanaras, who he thought must then be mourning their vanquished leaders and slaughtered comrades. He turned to the Raakshasas standing beside him and asked: "What has happened to make the Vaanaras so happy? Something strange must have occurred. Go and find out what it is."

Some Raakshasas climbed up and looked over the wall. Re turning, they said to Raavana with fear and trembling: "King! The Vaanara army, led by Sugreeva, is attacking the fortress with spirit. Raama and Lakshmana are both alive. Like elephants that have broken their bonds, Raama and Lakshmana have shaken off the naaga darts with which Indrajit bound them and have rejoined the army and are raging about the field like hungry lions. The darts of Indrajit have proved futile."

Raavana's face fell. He was filled with anxiety and said: "I marvel at what you say. No one till now has escaped these darts. If those weapons were powerless against these men, we are in deed in danger."

Author - C.Raja Gopalachari

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Raavana's Defeat

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