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Criminal and Civil Law

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Hindu Books > Hindu Scriptures > The Institutes Of Vishnu > Criminal and Civil Law

Page 7

61. If he raises his foot, twenty;

62. If he raises a piece of wood, the first amercement;

63. If he raises a stone, the second amercement;

64. If he raises a weapon, the highest amercement.

65. If he seizes him by his feet, by his hair, by

[53. Nand. infers from a passage of K‚ty‚yana that the particle ka is used here in order to include serpents.]

his garment, or by his hand, he shall pay ten Panas as a fine.

66. If he causes pain to him, without fetching blood from him, (he shall pay) thirty-two Panas;

67. For fetching blood from him, sixty-four.

68. For mutilating or injuring a hand, or a foot, or a tooth, and for slitting an ear, or the nose, the second amercement (is ordained).

69. For rendering a man unable to move about, or to eat, or to speak, or for striking him (violently, the same punishment is ordained).

70. For wounding or breaking an eye, or the neck, or an arm, or a bone, or a shoulder, the highest amercement (is ordained).

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