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8. Secular Matter In The Rigveda

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Hindu Books > Hindu Scriptures > The Vedas > A Vedic Reader For Students > Introduction > 8. Secular Matter In The Rigveda

Mythological Dialogues. -Besides several mythological dialogues in which the speakers are divine beings (iv. 62; x. 51. 52. 86. 108), there are two in which both agents are human. One is a somewhat obscure colloquy (x. 95) between a mortal lover Puraravas and the celestial nymph Urvasi, who is on the point of forsaking him. It is the earliest form of the story which much more than a thousand years later formed the subject of Kalidasa's drama Vikramorvasi. The other (x. 10) is a dialogue between Yama and Yami, the twin parents of the human race. This group of hymns has a special literary interest as foreshadowing the dramatic works of a later age.

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8. Secular Matter In The Rigveda
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