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Hindu Religious Practices - Yagna, And Dana And Gotra

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Hindu Books > History > Hindu History - A Search For Our Present In History > Chapter Three : The Hindu Ethos > Hindu Religious Practices - Yagna, And Dana And Gotra


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I welcome you to this non-profit, educational page. Here you will read about different aspects of the history and culture of that part of our globe which is known variously as Bharatvarsha, Hindostan or India. My approach of looking at history is that of a rationalist and humanist. As my aim is to spread awareness about history and culture, you may freely download this page, print it, link it up from your site, or mirror it at any server. Enjoy the infotainment laid out for you at this site. I also look forward to your valuable suggestions and feedback. Happy viewing.


Hindu History

Hindu Religious Practices

- Our Ancient Customs (Part - 1)

Yagna, Dana and Gotra

- by Shri Sudheer Birodkar

Every society has passed through a tribal stage at some time or the other. Some societies are still in the tribal stage for instance the Australian aborigines, and the Red Indians living in the preserves or nearer home in India the Nagas and Bhils , etc.,. This stage is normally characterized by a collective way of living where property is under common ownership of the tribes the institution of monogamous family has not yet been accepted and where livelihood depends on tending of cattle, collection of wild fruits and roots and shifting, subsistence agriculture.

Author : Shri Sudheer Birodkar

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Hindu Religious Practices - Yagna, And Dana And Gotra
The Tribal Way Of Life Was Of Collective Activity
Yagna As A Sacrifice
Yagna Centres Around A Fireplace
The Fireplace Was The Nucleus Of The Tribal Society
Before Its Domestication Fire Was An Object Of Awe And Fear
Dana And Dakshina
Dana Originally Connoted Distribution Not Charity
Dana Became A Transfer Of Wealth From The Nobility To The Clergy
The Story Of Karna In The Mahabharata
Sa-Gotra (Marriage Within A Gotra) Was The Norm Originally
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