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Hindu Response To Modern Problems

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Hindu Books > Introduction And References > Hindu Dharma > Hindu Response To Modern Problems


Individuality is the result of association of ătman (spirit) with a human body. A human body without ătman is a dead body and ătman without a human body cannot manifest itself in the phenomenal world. Thus individual personality comprises of two components, physical and spiritual. Because of this natural constitution of the human personality, human happiness depends upon balanced fulfillment of the spiritual and physical needs of one's being.

The scientific and technological revolution of the twentieth century has provided man with substantial amenities of life. We have made immense progress in fulfilling our physical needs. However, we have ignored our spiritual needs and the result is catastrophic. The break-ups in families resulting in children with single parents or no parents, child abuse, spousal abuse, teenage pregnancy, drugs, violence and crime have increased to epidemic levels in modern affluent societies. The root cause of all these problems is that we are focusing our full attention on the physical needs alone and no attention on the spiritual needs. We have become very materialistic in our outlook and in the process lost our souls.

Author : Shri Bansi Pandit

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Hindu Response To Modern Problems
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