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Hindu Reverence For Elders

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A unique and magnificent feature of Hindu religious thought is that salvation is the birth right of each and every human being, and is attainable in due course of time (i.e. either in this life or in some future life) through spiritual practice and training. In the words of Betty Heimann, late professor of Sanskrit and Indian philosophy at Ceylon University, "It is an undeniable fact that no philosophy outside India makes such a varied and manifold use of [spiritual] instruction in order to visualize the supreme Truth. It is the very metaphysical bent of Hindu thought which makes room for this practical educational training." 13

In Hindu culture, the elders (senior citizens) are considered to be the progenitors of spiritual instruction and training. The relationship with elders is, thus, viewed as a spiritual relationship by the young generation, and is revered as such. This reverence for old age in Hindu culture is reflected in the following Hindu etiquette and mannerism towards all elders in and outside one's family:

Author : Shri Bansi Pandit

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Hindu Reverence For Elders
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