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Hindu View Of A Harmonious Family

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Hindu Books > Introduction And References > Hindu Dharma > Hindu View Of A Harmonious Family


Every human being is potentially divine and the goal of life is to express this divinity by performing useful work. A harmonious family is an institution which provides the energy and inspiration to bring forth one's divinity. A child of a harmonious family becomes a divine personality.

Expressing one's inherent divinity is akin to entering a house that has four doors, with each door having a unique key. Each door must be opened to gain entry into the house. There is one road that leads to this house. In this example, the four doors are dedication, contribution, learning and responsibility. The four keys are love, recognition, sharing and trust. The name of the road is offer and receive (sammarpan and swekar). The following illustrates which key opens which door:

Offer Love
& Receive
Recognition Contribution
Sharing Learning
Trust Responsibility

Author : Shri Bansi Pandit

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Hindu View Of A Harmonious Family
Love And Dedication
Recognition And Contribution
Sharing And Learning
Trust And Responsibility
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