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Practicing Hindu Dharma in Foreign Lands

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Hindu Books > Introduction And References > Hindu Dharma > Practicing Hindu Dharma in Foreign Lands

Practicing Hindu Dharma in Foreign Lands

Practicing Hindu Dharma in foreign lands presents an opportunity and a challenge as well as a dilemma. Modern emphasis on the materialistic aspects of human life has created a spiritual vacuum in affluent societies of the world. The lack of a spiritual vision of life is taking a heavy toll on moral, ethical, family and human values. Apprehension, anxiety and daily worries about one's job, material needs of the present, and financial security for the future in a "cut-throat" competitive environment is causing confusion regarding the basic purpose of life.

The current confusion of affluent societies is similar to that of Arjuna in the Mahăbhărata war. Arjuna, with all his sophisticated weapons and military might, represents the scientific and techno-logical advancement of the modern world. Krishna, who gave spiritual instruction to Arjuna and removed his (Arjuna's) confusion, represents the spiritual force needed to resolve the restlessness, worries and confusion in today's world. Vision and action must be blended every step of the way to bring harmony in human life. Where Krishna and Arjuna are together, therein lies the opportunity for progress and ultimate victory.

The challenge to practicing Hindu Dharma (or for that matter any other religion) in modern societies arises largely due to the illusion of rationality. This illusion leads to the view that nothing is real if it cannot be directly or indirectly perceived by the senses. We also tend to believe that reason is highest in man and that it can give us a reliable and complete understanding of all our problems.

Author : Shri Bansi Pandit

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Practicing Hindu Dharma in Foreign Lands
Practicing Hindu Dharma in Foreign Lands
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