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Timeless Wisdom for Todays Youth

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Hindu Books > Introduction And References > Hindu Dharma > Timeless Wisdom for Today's Youth

Timeless Wisdom for Today's Youth

As a youth, you are the architect of your own destiny. What you are today is in part the result of what you have been thinking and doing in the past. What you think and do today will determine your tomorrow. The following guidelines from ancient wisdom will inspire you to live a purposeful life.

Purpose of Human Life

The purpose of human life is to unfold one's inner potential. You are neither a body-mind apparatus nor a limited individual. You are in reality ătman living in a physical body. The body and mind are simply the media to manifest your inner potential in this lifetime. Your limitations are the limitations of the body and not of the ătman. The mind, being the reflection of the ătman, possesses tremendous power, which must be developed and manifested. Mahatma Gandhi is an example of what a person with even a weak physical body but a strong mind can achieve in one lifetime.

Author : Shri Bansi Pandit

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Timeless Wisdom for Todays Youth
Timeless Wisdom for Today's Youth
Set Goals
Important Tools
Build Your Character
Develop an Integrated Personality
Apply the Power of Positive Thinking
Have Faith in Yourself
Be Moderate in Thoughts and Actions
Eat Foods that Revitalize the Mind
Honor Parents, Teachers and Elders
Be Respectful of Others
Sexual Freedom is an Illusion
Drugs Destroy the Body and Mind
Learn to Pray
Meditate Daily
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