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Universal Friendliness (Maitri)

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Hindu Books > Introduction And References > Virtues (Sadhak And Sathi) A Jain Book > Universal Friendliness (Maitri)

Glory Of Friendliness

  1. May the holy stream of friendliness continue to how in my heart. I always wish the whole universe experience result in perpetual bliss.

  2. Know the self, know it at once. Cultivate a spirit of equanimity with all souls, let this be carved in the heart.

  3. I experience equality with all souls and enmity towards none. I give up all desires and aspire to Samadhi.

  4. He is a real person of God, who respects all in the world, criticizes none, and steadies his speech, passions and mind. Blessed indeed is the mother of such person.

  5. Always cultivate a spirit of. benevolence for all, delight for the  virtuous, compassion for the afficted and tolerance for the ill-behaved. This forms the basis of prosperity and spiritual life. 

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Universal Friendliness (Maitri)
Development Of Friendliness
Glory Of Friendliness
Living Examples Of Friendliness
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