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Detachment (Nirmohipanun)

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Hindu Books > Introduction And References > Virtues (Sadhak And Sathi) A Jain Book > Detachment (Nirmohipanun)

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As the Sadhaka has remained acquainted throughout the early years of life with false and perverse beliefs and practices, it becomes difficult for him to accomplish and accommodate different beliefs and practices. Just as it is difficult to prepare the background of any new activity, so is also the case in the practice (Sadhana) of detachment.

However one has to face and get over the evil effects of the psychic influences of countless previous births and has to implant new  psychic effects of Sat" (truth) and "Atma" (soul) during the newly acquired mode of life. This, indeed, is not easy. Three stages of the success of detachment may be recognized from the aspirant's point of view.

  1. Detachment (Nirmohipanun) in the state of one striving for liberation.

  2. Detachment (Nirmohipanun) coupled with self realization.

  3. The detachment of the enlightened and seclusive Sadhaka.

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Detachment (Nirmohipanun)
1. Detachment In The State Of One Striving For Liberation
2. Detachment Coupled With Self Knowledge
3. Detachment Of The Enlightened Seclusive Sadhaka
Glory Of Detachment
Living Examples Of Detachment
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