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Silence (Mauna)

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Hindu Books > Introduction And References > Virtues (Sadhak And Sathi) A Jain Book > Silence (Mauna)


On the basis of factual evidence mentioned above, now the aspirant who has essentially understood the rarity, utility, and excellence of good speech will certainly embark upon the genuine practice of silence or only the scrupulous use of his speech. Through the medium of this practice, energy of the soul that was so far being externally wasted, is now fruitfully utilized in accomplishing control of the senses and the mind.

This self- control will substantially contribute towards success in various stages of concentration of the mind by making it introvert and steady and eventually culminating in the highest transcendental meditation or a thoughtless state (Nirvikalpa Samadhi). The practice of silence is thus of invaluable assistance in the experiment of internal conversation of the self with one's true self.

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Silence (Mauna)
Good Use Of Power Of Speech
Abandonment Of Pointless Talkativeness
Success Of Silence
Glory Of Silence
Living Examples Of Silence
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