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Tolerance (Sahana-Shilata)

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Hindu Books > Introduction And References > Virtues (Sadhak And Sathi) A Jain Book > Tolerance (Sahana-Shilata)

Training In Real Tolerance > Page1

Tolerance (Sahana-Shilata) is defined as voluntary endurance of inconveniences pertaining to the mind, speech and body, in a spirit of equanimity, so that a person attains to purity of soul. 

Training In Real Tolerance (Sahana-Shilata) :

Tolerance (Sahana-Shilata) without the attainment of purity of soul does not lead to attainment of the Supreme Reality (Param- Atma). A merchant may engage himself in business for profit without even taking food and drink for some time. A student may persistently keep awake studying during examination. These are a few practical examples of worldly tolerance. Such activities inspired by selfish motives are common. 

Noble tolerance having higher human values dawns in life only when a person endures hardship for others, even at the cost of his own personal gains and works. During the practice of tolerance, one has to cultivate a spirit of equanimity and develop virtues like patience, calmness and forbearance. Again, here is a matter of voluntary endurance, because one engages oneself in it only for his own spiritual welfare.

Author : Shri Atmanandji (Dr. Soneji)

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Tolerance (Sahana-Shilata)
Training In Real Tolerance
High-Grade Noble Tolerance (Sahana-Shilata)
Glory Of Tolerance (Sahana-Shilata)
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