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Celibacy (Brahma-Charya)

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Hindu Books > Introduction And References > Virtues (Sadhak And Sathi) A Jain Book > Celibacy (Brahma-Charya)

Sadhana Of Celibacy > Page1

  1. As expected of ordinary householders.

  2. As expected of seekers of true knowledge and persons desiring liberation.

  3. Complete Celibacy (Brahma-Charya)

1. As Expected Of Ordinary Householders

The Sadhakas of celibacy in this first stage have to resort to Sadhana while keeping intact their business and occupation, family structure, and social relations. They try to practice celibacy by way of good manners or as advised by a religious preacher. They have only relationship with their spouse and none with others.

Here, the spiritual vision is of least importance because they are not acquainted thoroughly with the original vital form of celibacy. Since, lofty morality is expected of people of high status in society, and taking into consideration the physical and social disadvantages of immoral behavior, these Sadhakas normally remain monogamous and therefore faithful just to their spouse only.

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Celibacy (Brahma-Charya)
Celibacy (Brahmacharya)
Sadhana Of Celibacy
Complete Celibacy
Glory Of Celibacy
Living Examples Of Celibacy
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