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Karma And The Science Of Rebirth

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Hindu Books > Books By David Frawley > From The River Of Heaven : Hindu And Vedic Knowledge For The Modern Age > Karma And The Science Of Rebirth

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Karma is one of the most commonly known but poorly understood concepts of Vedic Science. The term first occurs in the Vedas themselves which refer to karma as the ritual we do in life. In the Vedic view all life is a ritual; that is, all life is a repeated action which produces certain subtle or occult results. It is these results which determine our future condition and the state of the world we live in.

Each action has a certain effect which determines who we are and what we will become. Our most constant and intended action, our daily practice, thereby is the measure of the direction of the evolution of our soul and our effect upon the world-soul. Whatever this may be, whether it is making money or seeking truth, this is our worship or way of directing our energies in life and must have certain consequences.

In the Upanishads this secret doctrine of karma and rebirth is first explained in rational and philosophical terms. Any sensitive person is struck by the amount of injustice there is in the world. Most of the time we see those who are evil triumph over those who are good. We often see the good man suffer in poverty or social rejection, while the man of evil or mixed character is rewarded with money, fame and power.

Author : David Frawley

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Karma And The Science Of Rebirth
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Karma In Vedic Science
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