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Vedic Social Science : The Spiritual Basis Of Culture

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Hindu Books > Books By David Frawley > From The River Of Heaven : Hindu And Vedic Knowledge For The Modern Age > Vedic Social Science : The Spiritual Basis Of Culture

The Background Of Society > Page1

All societies possess a certain structure. At certain times in all cultures various leaders arise who establish the social order, which then is followed until the next great change or renovation. Such leaders are the great founders of our cultures and each culture has those which it honors. They establish eras in history and time periods are often based upon them. It is the values that they establish which determine how the particular culture develops.

When we examine human beings from the standpoint of society we find that different people have different aptitudes and come in different types. We have different values and attitudes and do not all want the same thing. Divisions are by age, sex, race, religion, occupation and so on. It is hard enough to understand ourselves in one to one individual interaction. To create an understanding between the diverse groups within humanity appears almost impossible.

Hence for any society to exist a certain amount of tolerance and accommodation of differing views is required. Moreover a certain objective structure is required which all these different groups can recognize, with definite laws or values and some means of enforcing them. The mindsets of individuals are so variable that without some objective standard any long term social cohesion cannot be maintained.

Author : David Frawley

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Vedic Social Science : The Spiritual Basis Of Culture
The Background Of Society
The Class Structure
The Vedic Social Order
The Structure Of Human Society
The Limitations Of Society
The Four Stages Of Life
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