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Prelude To Proxy War

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Hindu Books > Social And Contemporary Issues > Kashmir Distortions And Reality > Prelude To Proxy War

Page 13

On October 13, 1983, extremely seditious acts were witnessed during the one-day international cricket match between India and West Indies. The Indian players were humiliated, harassed, hooted heckled, abused loudly and assaulted with rotten fruits, pebbles and flag poles. Pakistan's National flag was waved extensively. Attempts were made to dig up the pitch. Kapil Dev had a narrow escape. On May 29, 1984, a violent procession was taken out by Muslim fundamentalists and Sikh terrorists in Srinagar. Several vehicles of Army and B.S.F. were attacked and five jawans injured. Slogans of Pakistan zindabad and Khalistan were raised. On June 4, 1984, another combined procession was taken out in Srinagar in which naked swords were freely brandished. The crowds went on rampage and set a number of shops and houses on fire including a school run by the Arya Samaj and the `Nirankari' Bhawan. The Hanuman temple was also attacked, the `Pujari' beaten and the idol thrown into the river Jhelum. A bomb was exploded in Srinagar stadium on 15th August, 1983. On 13th August 1983, India Coffee House was the target of bomb blast. On 18th November, 1983, a bomb explosion occurred in house compound of Justice A.S.Anand, a judge of Jammu and Kashmir High Court. A crude time bomb was exploded at Nagbal, Anantnag on 29th March, 1984. Administrative block and the library of the Kashmir University were subjected to bomb explosion on 11th April, 1984. On 22nd April, 1984, a bomb was thrown at the house of Shri Neelkanth Ganju, retired Sessions judge. On 26th April, 1984, a bomb was thrown at old R.T.C. Bus stand at Sopore.

When Farooq Abdullah became the Chief Minister third time in March, 1987, heading a coalition Government with the Congress(i), the voters alleged that the national Conference and Congress(I) alliance had indulged in mass rigging. This charge was confined to local circles. In the rest of the country none except the B.J.P. took up the cause of voters. The Congress(I) was itself the major beneficiary of rigging so it ridiculed the B.J.P propaganda as communal. V.P.Singh was a senior Congress(I) Minister at the Centre. So nothing prickled his conscience. Elections had been held to West Bengal and Kerala Assemblies also and leftists had won in both the states. Therefore, for them the world was fine. For the rest, all hues of Dals: (A) Ajit, (B) Bahuguna now Bommai, Lok Dal (C) Charan, Lok Dal (D) Devi Lal, any cause supported by the B.J.P was a fit case for going opposite. They need not even know what the cause was. Now all parties including Congress(I) have found out that there had been massive rigging and that was the cause of militancy. Seeking immediate return for helping in rigging, Kashmir's bureaucrats prevailed upon disco dancer, Farooq to raise the retirement age of Government employees by three years with retrospective effect. This was the first decision taken by the new Government. While there could be no objection to the decision as a matter of principle, it was the most inopportune in the context of Jammu and Kashmir at that point of time. It completely blocked the employment of youth in Government jobs for three years. The bureaucrats and technocrats having entrenched themselves now began to fraternize with fundamentalist secessionists. This paralysed the administration at all levels. On 16th of May, 1987, the day of Id-ul-Zuha, Farooq was not allowed to offer `Namaz' and address the Id congregation at Idgah, Srinagar. It was a miracle how he was rescued by the security forces and saved from being trampled. Simultaneously, violence broke out in other parts of the city notably at Polo ground, Maulana Azad Road and Budshah Chowk. In panic, Farooq announced top administrative changes the same evening and next day left for Delhi for a change.

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