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Path Of Meditation

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Hindu Books > Hindu Scriptures > Bhagwad Gita > Free Corresponding Course On Bhagwad Gita > Path Of Meditation


When there is no desire for sensual pleasures, or attachment to the fruits of work, and one has renounced all selfish desires, then one is said to have attained yogic perfection. (6.04)

One can elevate or degrade oneself by one's own mind. The mind can become one's best friend, or the worst enemy. The mind becomes a friend to the one who has control over it, and becomes an enemy for the one who is controlled by the mind, because the uncontrolled mind will take one for a ride on the dark streets of sin. (6.05-06). 

Guru Nanaka said: "Master the mind and you master the world". One who is impartial towards everybody, including friends, enemies, neutrals, haters, relatives, non-relatives, saints, sinners, rich, poor, and criminals is considered superior. (6.09)

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Path Of Meditation
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