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Chapter22 - The Internal Dangers

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Hindu Books > Introduction And References > What Every Hindu Ought To Know > Chapter22 - The Internal Dangers


It seems to have become a fashion to do so, especially among our students going abroad !

A Hindu child learns very little about our Dharma and culture either at home or at school. Parents and teachers, most of whom are themselves ignorant in this respect, cannot guide the youngsters. Or, if they try to guide, it is like the blind leading the blind ! No wonder that these youngsters are fast failing an easy prey to alien influences ! It is the foremost duty of the parents and elders to learn a little more about our glorious Dharma and culture, and to impart it effectively to their children and wards. On the negative side, let them take all the necessary steps in counteracting the mischievous and malicious propaganda of the enemies of our Dharma.

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Published on: 2003-02-28 (4344 reads)

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Chapter22 - The Internal Dangers

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