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The Gita Way

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Hindu Books > Introduction And References > Aspects Of Our Religion > The Gita Way

Sri Chandra Sekharendra Saraswati Introduction

The Lord instructs Arjuna in different ways and concludes: 'therefore fight, Oh! Bharata. 'Fight for this reason; and for this reason.' Thus, he gives him many reasons why he should fight. 'To fight is your dharma; so go and fight. Do your karma', says Krishna. Thus Krishna instructs Arjuna that to fight is the appointed karma of Arjuna. He speaks in praise of him who does his karma:

"yajnaarthaat karmaanyatra lokoyam karmahandhanah 

tadartham? karma kaunteya muktasanghah samaachara."

The karma should be done in a spirit of dedication to God. 'Do your karma and offer it to God'. Every person should perform the karmas prescribed for him. The Lord describes the karmas appropriate to each person. The criterion to determine one's proper karma is provided, says the Lord, by saastra.

"tasmat saastram pramaanam te kaaryaakaarya vyavasthitau"

'Consult the saastras if you would know what is proper for you to do. You should do what is ordained in the saastras. You are   a kshatriya. To fight is the ordained karma of a kshatriya.'  

Author - Sri Chandrasekharendra Saraswati

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The Gita Way

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