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The Currency Of Dharma

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Hindu Books > Introduction And References > Aspects Of Our Religion > The Currency Of Dharma

Sri Chandra Sekharendra Saraswati Introduction

Imagine a hill which divides two kingdoms each having a different system of currency, the coins and notes of either of which is not legal tender in the other. Suppose that a citizen of one of these kingdoms has amassed through the years a large amount of wealth, which he keeps in cash and currency, notes. 

Suppose again that the state of affairs in one kingdom gets so disturbed as to make it unsafe for this man to retain all his hoarded wealth in that kingdom. Naturally he would try to run away from his country and seek safety in the neighboring kingdom on the other side of the hill. But he cannot carry all his wealth with-him on ac count of their sheer weight. He will have to take with him only so much as he can conveniently carry leaving the large number of coins and notes of small denomination behind.

Suppose again in this predicament, a good man comes to him and offers to give him currency notes of large denomination which are legal tender in the neighboring country in ex change for the notes of the first kingdom. He would gladly clutch at the offer; and, relieving him self of the untransportable wealth of his native land, he would obtain in return lighter currency, which he could easily carry across to the hilltop to the country on the other side.

Author - Sri Chandrasekharendra Saraswati

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The Currency Of Dharma
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