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Chapter17 - Criticisms Galore

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Hindu Books > Introduction And References > What Every Hindu Ought To Know > Chapter17 - Criticisms Galore


It passes one's understanding how a genius like Sri Krishna who bequeathed a most wonderful bunch of universal spiritual teachings could ever have been a moral wreck. The secondary scriptures like the Bhagavatam which deal with Sri Krishna's story in greater detail, were actually written several centuries later and hence need not be taken as literally true. Even according to these scriptures, Sri Krishna was a small boy at the time of the Brindavan Leela. 

Again, the tradition of considering oneself as the hand-maid of God and love Him as one's husband (whereby the baser instincts are sublimated) is not peculiar to Hinduism alone. It exists among the Christians and the Sufis also. The reference to brides of God in the Bible or the Christian nuns considering themselves as brides of God does not certainly warrant us to brand either God or Christ as polygamous or immoral!  

Moreover, the very same scriptures that describe his Rasakrida also describe the innumerable miracles performed by him. Why don't then, these wise critics, accept these miracles also as true ? If these are accepted, it will be established that Sri Krishna was God Himself, since no ordinary being can ever perform them. And God's actions are above all human logic and comprehension !  

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Chapter17 - Criticisms Galore

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