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Chapter17 - Criticisms Galore

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Hindu Books > Introduction And References > What Every Hindu Ought To Know > Chapter17 - Criticisms Galore


THIRD OBJECTION: The caste system has divided the Hindu society into numberless groups engaged in mutual hatred and fighting. A religion which shelters such a system is no good.   The caste system is a logical extension of the Varna system whose underlying philosophy has already been explained. There is no country, no race or society in this world which is free from cast  system in some form or the other.

Even in the so-called socialistic countries, where all are supposed  to be equal, it is an open secret that some are more equal than others ! A society based on the division of labour is far superior to a society divided on the basis of wealth or colour of the skin. What is to be condemned is not the caste system as such, but the claim to privileges by certain castes or the hatred and ill-will towards the other groups. The division of an office into several departments is only a matter of administrative convenience. 

That does not mean that these departments should fight one another. If it is remembered that there is no bar on practice of true religion by any member of any caste, all this fuss becomes meaningless. Hence a religion that  has invented such a wonderful social institution is not only good but has also rendered signal service to mankind by showing the right path.  It is interesting to note that both Swami Vivekananda and Mahatma Gandhi who themselves did not belong to the highest caste, have upheld and admired the caste system in its true form.  

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Chapter17 - Criticisms Galore
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